Abdullahi Haji

Let me share a little about myself

           Hello, my name is Abdullahi Haji I am 25 years of age, born in Africa, I came to the UnitedStates with my father.


Biographical Information

                     MDOC Number:                      970991

                     SID Number:                            4902963X

                     Name:                                      ABDULLAHI MUHIDIN HAJI

                     Racial Identification:               Black

                     Gender:                                     Male

                     Hair:                                           Black

                     Eyes:                                          Brown

                     Height:                                       5′ 10″

                     Weight:                                      155 lbs.

                     Date of Birth:                            January 02, 1996  (25)

Background Information

This not to excuse anyone’s action, only to explain some of them.Again, there are a greatpercentage of us who have and are working on improving themselves so that upon releasethey can be productive members of society. So, what I think that many of us are trying toshow society is that were not animals but are able toshow our humanity.

I got caught up on a robbery I was sentenced to 7years I am now down to my last year. I amfacing possible deportation, but I’m optimistic that I will remain here in the States.


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I can be reached on JPay prison # 970991

Leave a messege for him


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