Anthony Demarco Robinson

Let me share a little about myself

Since January 1999,I have been shackled to the iron embraces of imprisonment. I am currently serving a mandatory life sentence for my involvement in a senseless homicide that claimed the life of an innocent victim.Although I was not the leader nor the enforcer in the crime,it does not change the outcome nor the consequences.Contrite and remorseful for my involvement,I have aimed to convert sorrow for my transgressions into fuel for using my gifts, experiences,and story as an instrument for positive change.


Biographical Information

                     MDOC Number:                      280712 

                     SID Number:                            1849519K

                     Name:                                      ANTHONY DEMARCO ROBINSON

                     Racial Identification:               Black

                     Gender:                                     Male

                     Hair:                                           Black

                     Eyes:                                          Brown

                     Height:                                       6′ 00″

                     Weight:                                      189 lbs.

                     Date of Birth:                            February 8, 1979  (42)

Background Information

At the time of my arrest, I was 19. I am currently weeks away from my 42nd birthday(02-08-79). For the past twenty-two years, God’s good hand has steered me along my journey in prison. So much so that from the beginning of my prison term to now, I have been unscathed by the perils of prison life.


In May of 1999, I experienced the power of God that set me on a course for making a tremendous impact for the kingdom of God within and outside of prison walls. Around 2004 I met my spiritual father, Chaplain Dempsey Allen, who took me under his tutelage,helping me to discover and cultivate my spiritual gifts(teaching and exhortation). Those gifts have inspired and encouraged countless men and volunteers throughout the MDOC.


Although I never planned to speak in front of groups of people,I have stood on various platforms,speaking to administrative professionals, youth,church groups etc. One of my greatest accomplishments in prison is helping to create,co-found,and participate in a youth deterrent program dubbed the C.U.R.E. Since the inception of this program,I have shared my story with hundreds of youth throughout the state of Michigan.


You can contact me by way of JPay, my inmate is #280712

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