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Let me share a little about myself

Hello Linkpholio world,
my name is Chad and I’m 35yrs young, Single, dark, tall, talented, humble and handsome, or so I’ve been told. I am athletic, and I like to travel and get outdoors. I’m into folk art & graphics arts, music, poetry and almost anything that includes creative expression as long as it’s not life threatening.
I always down for networking, trading and bouncing ideas around in business, relationships, friendships, Finances, food/cooking, creativity, and even every day common sense scenarios. If you have any room left to expand your wild horizon or lend a hand to help me stretch mines, than let’s link up. I look forward to growing together. TTYL.


Biographical Information

                     MDOC Number:                      532291

                     SID Number:                            2551718E

                     Name:                                       CHAD ALEXANDER SMITH

                     Racial Identification:               Black

                     Gender:                                     Male

                     Hair:                                           Brown

                     Eyes:                                          Brown

                     Height:                                       6′ 0″

                     Weight:                                      196 lbs.

                     Date of Birth:                          03/04/1986  (35)

Background Information

I was born in Detroit, Michigan but raised In a small city called Inkster, I’m the middle child of two other siblings, an older brother & a younger sister. I had a bit of a rough upbringing by Two Struggling parents in the Inkster projects.
I graduated Highschool in 2003, I graduated Culinary Art’s School at the top of my class in 2014, I am a bit of a foodie.
I am Christian Man. I do believe in being grounded in ones faith, and growing in it should be a top priority in life as well as in ones career & life goals. Before this incarceration I was Living in Detroit working a good job at a place called Sterling Services in Canton, MI. and I was pursuing a career as a music artist, producer & writer on my free time. I was also being mentored in the Church youth ministry through Realistic Ministries in Romulus, MI. .


I was charged with unarmed robbery, and a case of armed robbery in connection to a drug deal gone wrong. Those where part of my youth day’s of running around with knuckle head’s, on some complete folly. I was released on parole Oct, 31 2017 and I am back now dealing with an alleged Parole violation after being successfully reintegrated back into society for 1yr.
Please pray all goes well for me. Thanks.


I am a very up front, and realistic person who feels truly & completely comfortable in my own skin. I am who the good Lord made me to be, unapologetically. I welcome all constructive criticism and reproof. I highly prize integrity, honor, honesty, humility and accountability.
I’m very down to earth and understanding of other’s. I’m always looking to help & serve others to the best of my ability.
I believe that I can use my life & energy to improve life for others.

Needs Request: I am currently Seeking the following needs…

1. General advocacy – Positive members of society willing to take the time to invest in helping someone like myself who is willing to listen and learn, improve my life in all areas.

2. Legal advice – The alleged parole violations that I am fighting are pending on some pretty serious charges. I need an attorney that is good with fighting high profile cases, or maybe even a small team of lawyers. I was shot by the Police several times in the city of Romulus on Aug 3, 2018 you can look up the incident on Google.
Please, all help is welcome.

3. Help with commissary – I have no current income except for a job paying me .84¢ a day. That’s barely enough to afford all the hygene item’s I need monthly. Prices are high, but work wages are not.

4. Regular Pen-pal – I welcome regular Pen-pal’s so feel free to hit me on jpay or any of the above contacts.

5. Prayer Partner’s – I’m very serious about the Christian Faith, I consider myself to be a prayer warrior especially in these last days.
I Know God hears prayers. All are welcomed.

6. Professional Development – Seeking Help with public speaking skills, Grant writing, Businesses, missionary ministry and voluntary serving.

7. Companionship – Seeking in this area women only with a spiritual compatibility, character complimenting, and serious relations only. No games. If you got it I welcome you.

8. Family Reunification Support – I’m pretty much looking forward to almost starting over once I am re-paroled. I will need financial help with transportation for reporting to my agent, and getting a job. I do have a driver’s license that I’ve updated while in here. I will need some clothes & shoe’s because I have since grown. Also I will need a cell phone. All things to help me re-start my community reinstatement are humbly welcomed and very well appreciated. Thank you


I prefer to be reached on under
Chad Smith #532291
Also at under Chad Smith #532291
or you can always write me via snail mail at:
Chad Smith#532291
Gus Harrison Correctional Facility
2727 E. Beecher St.
Adrian, MI. 49221

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