Dominique Stone

Let me share a little about myself

Yo, Inhabitants of the “Freeworld” – Welcome to my temporal place of Digital residency. Unfortunately,I’m unable to provide a complete and accurate portfolio here (at least not without taking up hours of your time with breathless run along sentences lol). As you should know, I am underprivileged in regards to the partakings of the many technological advances you smart folks has instituted since my capture – I NEED MORE MEDIUMS; as God’s Mind won’t fit in Mine – I’m a bit too complex to be simply “put.” We all are. But I look forward to this opportunity of digitally”socializing” with those interested in providing a brova with some help lol. Its all Peace and love digital handshakes and hugz. And its Black History Month so spread the word: “WE AIN’T BEEFIN!!!!” (D-nell Thank you for the opportunities, it’s my duty to be worthy)


Dominique Stone

Biographical Information

                     MDOC Number:                      164776 

                     SID Number:                            3796253K

                     Name:                                      DOMINIQUE STONE

                     Racial Identification:               Black

                     Gender:                                     Male

                     Hair:                                           Black

                     Eyes:                                          Brown

                     Height:                                       5′ 7″

                     Weight:                                      150 lbs.

                     Date of Birth:                            April 22,1991  (29)

Background Information

(Life B4 NFTV & the Bing)
Imma “Bad Boy!” Piston from the 90’s. That just means I’m from Detroit born in “91,” lol don’t panic. I graduated high school in Taylor Mi. in “09” and worked at Target from 2008-2010 right before Incarceration 1/8/2010. I played football ran track and engaged in a plethora of other teenage endeavors also -Teenage stuff 😉 – bought my first car for my 18th birthday (I still got the old school lol) Essentially, I left the East side where it was once the fam moved us to Taylor. That move provided exposure to different people with many different ethnic backgrounds. It made me well rounded socially speaking. I was enrolled in community college but got locked up 2 weeks before the beginning of the winter semester. I got involved with nftv late 2019. We stood tall against the MDOC during the start of the pandemic I wanna recognize every inmate under the CoronaChronicles.


Character in part.)
My Person in defined on a circumstantial basis. Each experience calls for a Mindset, although I am limited due to how much time I’m in, I understand I’m a young man of many hats. Situations determines outfits and which hat’ll best fit the occasion. I’mma solo rebel when need be, an activist. An Artist in music & Instruments, an idealist. I’m very optimistic. An accurate summation to this open-ended question is that I’m simply a servicer. I like to gain knowledge and acquire skill sets in areas that can be used to further people in life by adding intellectual properties to their mental and physical constitutions, systemic civil consultant. Everything I know is for everyone I love. Reading, writing, meditation & metaphysical studies, training. I’m a baby at this still growing though. there’s much I wanna learn especially in business, arts, in mind I guess.


Dominique Stone (Call me Stone) #756000 Jackson Cooper Street Facility 3100 cooper street Jackson MI 49201 With Love and peace. Stone.


General advocacy - I believe change can be made in here if I had a willing and able advocate. This will extend my reach and help bring noise to the offices of those Running things. COVID-19. corruption Legal Advice - This can be on a need-to-know basis, e.g., Obtaining an itemized statement of account for the federal funds allocated to the MDOC for COVID-19 infected inmates. A list of expenditures and remaining funds. Why? Misappropriation of Federal Funds if we find out that paper went elsewhere feel me?


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