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Let me share a little about myself

To my friend to be. Thank you so very much for allowing yourself to share our ensuing journey. I am quite excited, and I give all due honors to Mr. Darnell Ishmel for embarking upon such a great endeavor. You deserve honors as well.


Biographical Information

                     MDOC Number:                       

                     SID Number:                            


                     Racial Identification:               Black

                     Gender:                                     Male

                     Hair:                                           Black

                     Eyes:                                          Brown



                     Date of Birth:                            

Background Information

General background information  I am an African- American male. I have been confined for 46 years. In 1975 I was convicted of 1st Degree Murder. I am in the initial stages of trying to retain an attorney now, so I can appeal my case, based on new brain science. I was 21 years old when I was convicted. I am now 68.
Prior to coming to prison, I wasn’t a bad guy. I in fact wanted to be a doctor or lawyer. However, before I could materialize my goal, my father died when I was 16. From that point on my life was turned upside down. As a crutch I started using drugs, and got married at the young age of 17, and had three children. I worked for a time until the drugs totally overwhelmed my life. There is so much more. However, for now that is enough.


During my incarceration I continue to better myself. In 1981 I acquired my G.E.D. and went on to acquire my Associate Degree, Para-Legal Certificate, Horticulture Certificate, and a Culinary Arts Certificate. I have been involved in many Self-Help programs, as well as held numerous tutor positions, where I help students achieve their G.E.D. Presently, and before the Pell Grants were discontinued, I was working on achieving my B.A. Degree in Business Administration. I now need only 20 credits. From my understanding the Pell Grants are coming back. I would like to then pursue my education. My health is fairly good. Though from time to time I may need some medical advice, which I cannot get here. I love reading educational books including history books etc. in my spare time. I am deeply spiritual. In fact, I think that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. I welcome having spiritual discussions and prayer. Professional development makes me curious but receptive. Some other hobbies of mine are Astrology, Numerology and Herbology. I exercise regularly, and practice yoga. When I get out, I would like to be self-employed in one of the fields of my degrees. Moreover, I will be involved in the great program of uplifting fallen humanity.


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I would be grateful to receive a secure pack periodically. A genuine friendship is priceless. This is particularly so considering how so many people are all for self. I would value establishing a true friendship. Also, I am open to being mentored. To what end I do not know.


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