Stan Blockton

Let me share a little about myself

Hi, I am Stan.


Biographical Information

                     MDOC Number:                      513328

                     SID Number:                            2393450L

                     Name:                                     STAN JAMARIO-DENEKE BLOCKTON

                     Racial Identification:               Black

                     Gender:                                     Male

                     Hair:                                           Black

                     Eyes:                                          Brown

                     Height:                                       5′ 8″

                     Weight:                                      180 lbs.

                     Date of Birth:                          08/09/1986  (34)

Background Information

Coming Soon


I am not religious, but I have a committed relationship with God. I am an entrepreneur so looking for any opportunity to network. I look forward to making meaningful connections.


The easiest way for people to contact me is by creating a JPay account ( which is the approved email platform for members of the public to connect with incarcerated people in Michigan prisons. You can contact me by visiting the website and conducting a search for my prison number on the website which is 513328 .


I am looking for prayer partners, Spiritual guidance, any legal advice, support, or advocacy. Not opposed to general friendship, and phone conversation. 

Lastly, I am wrapping up my first book, so I am definitely seeking assistance with publishing. 


Podcast with Stan Blockton

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