Tevin Nero

Let me share a little about myself

I was born & raised in Grand Rapids, Mi by a Single Mom with two other kids. My whole Iife I struggled with who I was & tried to fit in.


Biographical Information

                     MDOC Number:                    792000

                     SID Number:                            2467248T

                     Name:                                    TEVIN JAMARIOND NERO

                     Racial Identification:               Black

                     Gender:                                     Male

                     Hair:                                           Black

                     Eyes:                                          Brown

                     Height:                                       5′ 8″

                     Weight:                                      135 lbs.

                     Date of Birth:                            May 16,1993  (27)

Background Information

General background information : We were the on welfare struggling to live off food stamps &Ebt cash on a bridge Card. I had no father to turn to so nobody showed me how to be man. So naturally I adapted to my environment & became a part of it. The nights I was hungry & light were out not wanting to go home because I was trying to escape the pain of seeing my mother struggle, I would go down streets & pull car doors hoping to find one unlocked just to have a safe place to sleep for the night. Praying to God nobody came to the car to get me out. I would go days without eating a real meal & survived by going to a store a stealing candy bars. It eventually led to me feeling depressed & I never knew what it was until I was older. I would pray for a blessing ask the lord questions for a better suggestion never really knowing if God could hear me or change my situation. See I was raised Christian, so I always prayed even if I felt like nobody heard me my belief was always there. So I realize I wanted more out of life & ended up being around the wrong crowds & it was cool to steal and that eventually lead to me getting in trouble. So, the system was just waiting to remove me from my mother, so at first opportunity they took it. Sent me to juvenile so fast I couldnt think. In juvenile was the first time I experienced depression locked in a cell by myself staring at the walls with nothing inside but a big window & blue yoga mat to sleep on. After months I was released to a white foster family who took one look at me & frowned either because I was black or because they didnt want me in their household, but they wanted the check so the let me in, after a few weeks there I realize they treated me just like I looked a young black man from the hood. so I felt uncomfortable ran from the foster home, which eventually lead to me being in juvenile again when I caught. I was shipped to another foster home this time a black family who I can honestly say really loved me & made me feel welcomed in the household. even taught me to not use the word nigga anymore or tried to get me to use other words instead. After I moved back with my mother my life was good & as soon as I was getting comfortable, they white justice came back & said I needed to go to bootcamp because I never completed the first foster home or turn myself in to a halfway house so what did I do? I ran from then again.. which eventually cost me more trouble at 17yrs old so I was sent to prison for 1yr. After my released I got my first job & was actually proud of myself Not drowning myself in liquor or weed, then one day I was walking with two people & randomly one of them decided to take some ones headphones from a guy while I was with them & I got charged with a armed robbery & found guilty by a racist justice because of my past.. That story goes deeper with what happen if you wanna know more just look at Michigan court of appeals my case #319320


Now guess what not only am I locked up again but this time I was going to prison sentenced to 15 to 30 years in prison for a pair of headphones & found guilty as aiding & abetting the robbery for being with two clowns & I have the person who got rob telling the justice system I didn’t touch home or take his property.. Now if anybody wants to tell me it ain’t two different justice systems for black & white teens i’ll hold a mirror in your face & show you a liar real talk! So I came to prison in 2012 not really knowing what to expect but not scared because I felt like I could handle myself.. But that being said this was the first time I was placed in a situation in which I really had no control over, so I just prayed everything would be ok.. So I took my first Steps on the yard & right away I knew this was going to be along 15years.. Either be lion or the prey in the sense of fighting because people try you to better themselves or to see if you are soft so within a few months I had my first fights & eventually it turned in to me not having to prove I wasn’t soft because in prison Respect goes along way & I earned mines.. after going to the hole sitting in a cell alone & depressed 23hrs a day.. looking out the window with bars wondering how did I end up here in prison. I was dying to live trying to break free wishing on a star asking God to give me the strength to be free on the inside even though I was locked up on the outside. I spent almost one year In the hole fighting my demons imagine being in a darkroom where u can’t see ahead & your scared to move.. So I had knew what I had to do now.. I had to take accountability for my circumstances even if I feel like I was wronged In the process. So I decided to make the best of my time started reading business books & learning as much as I could & I changed the crowd are me & started focusing on my goals & stopped feeling sorry for myself said I gotta live now..


I guess that will conclude my profile for now. May Allah (God) continue to Bless, Guide and Protect you and your Family. By His Grace, Love, Mercy, Guidance and Protection, I Remain "God Is Made Known & Present Today!!!"


Everybody focuses on the future instead of living for the now & focusing on ways to better the future before u get there. I was closed minded when it came to people that wasnt like me.. Until I met Somebody named Dante King he is openly gay & for me, I always felt like it was wrong because of the way I was raised & don’t get it confused it’s not a gay bone in my body. But he has been like my real family a real big brother to me never passing judgement but actually getting to know me the person. He introduced me to A friend Named Nikcole C. who has been god sent to my life and has reached out to see if I was ok every step of the way since the moment, she came into my life. Now it’s more I will add one day. but since people keep asking now u know some of the real me Never judge nobody until you have walked in their shoes or lived a Day in their life. I also met Darnell 🙂 truly God sent!!


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