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Kenneth Nixon

My connection to Notes From The Village started when I was in prison. NFTV would constantly provide up-to-date information that was important to the prison
population. They helped everyone that they came in contact with and without judgement. The information was ALWAYS accurate, respected, and well appreciated by the inmate population.
Being offered this opportunity is a blessing that I could have never imagined. Especially considering that less than a month ago, I was locked in a prison cell for 16 years for a crime I did NOT commit. Being wrongfully convicted of a crime is one of the worst experiences that a person can go through, but to be offered an opportunity to travel to Africa after being exonerated is a testament to how truly inspiring God is. And I want to personally say THANK YOU to all of the investors/donors that are allowing this to happen for me. I appreciate it more than you could ever know

My hope of impact:
I hope to get a better understanding of how other people live and to gain knowledge about other cultures. I hope this trip will ground me in my thoughts and humble me in my approach to how I live life. I hope to have some fun and make some new friends on an international level. Honestly, how many people can say they have a friend that lives in Africa? Not many people from Detroit can say that!

Lastly, I hope that this trip will help me heal from the trauma of prison.

Detroit man freed from prison after life sentence isoverturned

Detroit man freed from prison after life sentence is overturned (

Detroit man wrongfully-convicted of double murder released today

Detroit man wrongfully-convicted of double murder released today (


Omar Muhammad
Words cannot express how truly blessed I have been to experience Africa for the first time in 2019. I was so grateful and honestly surprised that someone was willing to sponsor me for that amazing opportunity. I am pleased to say that this time I was able to pay for nearly half of the trip on my own! Also, I am now a 3rd year student at the University of Michigan-Flint where I double major in accounting and computer science and have recently received a letter nominating me for the National Success and Leadership Society. As you can imagine, I was very excited to receive this honor. I believe truly that the experiences I had abroad two years ago has helped to shape the person I am today.
My hope of impact:
I am beside myself with joy because this opportunity to experience the nurturing feeling of the Motherland. I know this 2021 trip will help me better understand my place in life and the world as I remain diligent, honest, and steady in pursuit of better experiences and greater opportunities for servant leadership. I hope to take what I learn and continue to flourish, serve, and lead.

Octavius Terry

I am in-love with the idea ofthe trip to Kenya. I have never had an experience outof the country. This trip would be extremely impactful on my life. Seeing where my people come from, what they go through on a daily basis will shed a new light on my life.
My hope of impact:
I hope it shows me a new light. I hope to get a better insight, a new experience andmy own opinion on Africa and its culture. Honestly, idk howto explain it. I hope it gives me hope. I am tired. I feel likemy life is all bad, and I should be in a wealthier place. Ihope it shows me how to make do with what I have, smileevery day and be genuinely happy no matter the circumstances of my life.


James Levy
Very recently I was presented the opportunity to change the course of my own life. In doing so I was even able to accomplish getting into college (which at the time was one of my greatest feats). I had thought that by becoming a business and management major at Mott Community College, I had already done enough, and I had little more to work towards, until I was graced with the chance to travel to Africa and reconnect with the birthplace of civilization. To be able to see firsthand the innovation and ingenuity that African countries have offered to the world will be something that can influence my impact back here in America. The complacency that most people have comes from a lack of humility in which I am trying to attain.
My hope for impact:
I feel that this trip would help me be able to see life in a different way and even help inspire others to see the world from a different point of view. I wish to one day be able to influence the youth in a positive manner, but not by filling their heads with a bunch of inspirational quotes. Instead, I want them to know that they themselves can go and change the world.

Kaleb Johnson
We have all faced trials and tribulations. And we have all managed to overcome a vast majority of them. For so long I have doubted myself and have lost sight of my why factor and who I am. I believe this trip will help solidify my purpose and give me the proper motivation and confirmation that I need to continue pushing forward. This would be trip number two for me, and I am honored, excited, and motivated to capitalize on the experiences of the prior journey. My hope of impact: With this trip I hope to regain myself, my commitment, and my motivation. I hope to gain inner strength and get more knowledge surrounding our culture and international relationships. I hope to gain the courage to go for what I believe in. On this trip I expect to broaden and enhance my knowledge in marketing, networking, and entrepreneurship. I sincerely thank and acknowledge everyone who will invest and believe in my purpose. Thanks for your investment into the future of the great City of Flint.

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